A realistically complex supernatural thriller of fixing one’s life to achieve a happy ending

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Everyone wants a fairy tale ending, just like in the story books children hear growing up or like in pretty much every Disney movie ever made. However, life is not like that, especially if wrong decisions have been made throughout one’s life. Some people continue down that dark rabbit hole and end up in an even darker place while others manage to find the courage and strength it takes to climb back out towards the light. It is never an easy climb, but if someone is willing enough to fix the wrongs to make things right, it can be done. fiX by author Michael Golvach is not a fairy tale… it goes much deeper than a fairy tale ever would as his characters have made poor decisions throughout the course of their lives, yet some are still willing to do whatever it takes to reach their own happily ever after.

David Fitz has found himself mixed up with the worst crowd possible. By selling drugs and committing petty crimes, he is able to provide himself and his prostitute girlfriend, Juno, fixes for their addictive habits. And yet, David has finally started to see what life could be like and wants out of this dangerous line of work. With his girlfriend on board to break their habits and a police officer willing to help, David collects evidence against his drug dealing boss to put him behind bars so that David and Juno will finally be free. However, once the day finally comes to nab his boss, things go wrong. Juno goes through withdrawal and doesn’t wish to be with David anymore, yet knows staying with him is her only shot of staying alive. The cop helping David drives him and Juno to the middle of nowhere, saying they can stay in the “safe house” until they can start their life anew. And to top everything off, David’s old boss gets out of jail in less than a day and quickly learns how to contact David and Juno at their new “safe home”. While the small neighborhood the “safe house” is in is nice, David and Juno don’t really have anyone they can turn to for help aside from their neighbors, Brent and Cadence. Unprotected and completely vulnerable, David and Juno have no choice but to befriend their neighbors and pray their alliance can keep them safe. Unless David’s boss discovers their location… then they are all as good as dead.

is not a story for the faint of heart. fiX is not for those who see the world through rose-colored glasses. Golvach ‘s story goes deeper than many books have in a long time, focusing on both the awful truths as well as the amazing beauty found in both humanity and life. The title itself reveals how deep the story goes as readers journey with the characters from their getting a fix just to feed their addiction to wanting to fix the wrongs done in the past to create a better future. Even the length of the book shows just how complex the story is, spanning a length of close to 700 pages long; however, readers should not write this story off just because of the length. It is a long story that reads quickly and gives readers plenty of in-depth storytelling to make them fall in love with certain characters while detesting others.

Golvach has quite the talent for giving readers an immensely complex story by stacking layers of details, character development, realism, valuable life lessons, surprising twists, and so much more. Readers may think they have the story as a whole figured out, but as they continue to read, Golvach continuously throws twists into the story to change their mind. The twists mainly come from how Golvach executes his story. He reveals key facts to his readers in small bursts and these small bursts are scattered all throughout the story with an incredible amount of detail in between. This can become frustrating for the readers because what they originally thought was the truth is no longer the truth, but the detail keeps them reading, making them rethink what they originally thought until they reach the next small burst.

As aforementioned, fiX is not for the faint of heart for the story is one that is creepily realistic at times, which guarantees grabbing the readers’ attention and not letting go. There are times when scenes become rather graphic in description, making the story even more realistic because in real life, this line of business is pretty brutal. There are even times when it becomes difficult to breathe, the events are that real. It focuses on many issues in today’s society that many people don’t wish to face:

  • addiction and addiction detox
  • toxic relationships
  • feeling trapped, feeling like something resides within you and you can’t get rid of it and you are unsure if that thing is willing to help you or not
  • wanting to better yourself, but someone else or multiple people try to stop you
  • seeing what people want to see on the outside and judging others because of how they may look

Golvach does not sugarcoat anything when writing about these issues and it is both a terrifying and wonderful thing. It is truly a mirror to place in front of someone and the reason why his main character, David, wishes to fix his life before it is too late.

If the complexity of the issues of humanity doesn’t impress readers, the development of Golvach’s characters most certainly will. Many characters can be found scattered throughout the story, but there are only a few main ones readers will follow. Each character starts out the way readers would anticipate them to: David the meek man, Juno the untrusting prostitute, Paul Mauro the big bad drug dealer, and Richard the tough drug dealer henchman. Each of these starting characters begin the way readers expect; however, the events that happen throughout the story’s duration change all of them, including characters such as Cadence and Brent who come later, in ways readers do not truly expect. All of the characters go through surprising, yet believable changes, some for the good and some for the worst. And the amount of emotion found within this story makes for an incredible experience that adds to the story’s realism. There is also one other character who makes an appearance… a shadow of a character who truly drives the story along and who is also truly a real mystery. They are a character that is difficult to figure out, but one readers will have to figure out in their own unique ways.

Reality does not allow everyone to have the fairy tale endings found in stories. There are many obstacles that can stand in the way, including oneself, but that does not mean reaching one’s own fairy tale ending is impossible. fiX is the story that reveals no matter how far down that rabbit hole one has fallen, one can always climb back out to the light. Golvach has created such a complex, emotionally powerful, and realistic story will be near to impossible to put down and it is crazy to believe how quickly almost 700 pages can be read. He covers so much within his book and there are times it is difficult to read about the darker side of humanity, but focusing on these issues teaches us valuable lessons about ourselves and life. fiX is not for the faint of heart and fiX is not a fairy tale. It is a beautiful story about fighting for what you want and not giving up until you have it.

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